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F.A.Q. Trip....

1. How do I claim the prize? To claim your prize and reserve dates for your trip please email us at:

2. Where is the unit located: It's located on the grounds of the Playa Blanca Beach Resort in Fallaron, Panama. 

3. How many people can go? Up to 4 people can go.

4. Does the trip include airfare? Airfare is not included. Just 3 nights complimentary stay. 

5. What Airport do I fly into? You should be looking to fly into Panama Toucumen Airpot- PTY.

6. Is the stay at a hotel or a condo? The property is a 2 bedroom condo.

7. Is this a timeshare property? No Timeshare- a private condo with no strings attached.

8. Are there additional fees? The 3 night condo stay is completely free. Food, transportation and other optional items are not included and can be purchased as desired.

9. How can I find what days are available? To find available days check the online calendar at bottom of the page for any blank days that are non-holidays.                                                                  


10. Can I transfer the prize? Yes, you can transfer or sell the prize to whoever you like. 21forFun doesn't get involved with transferring or selling the prize- but we will fully honor it wherever it winds up.

11. How long is the prize valid for? The prize is valid for 1 year from when you received it.

12. Are there pictures of the unit? Yes, just click this link: 



13. Transportation to the unit? We recommend using Ocean to Ocean Transportation Services- we use them frequently and they have keys to the unit. Cost is approx $120 each way (up to 4 Passengers).

Other options include:


1) Rent a car and drive there from airport (Approx. $50 per day for car rental)


2) Bus from Albrook Mall in Panama City to general area and then a taxi the rest of the way to the resort (Approx $10).

3) Taxi or Transportation Service ($150-$200 to and from airport)

14. What is the procedure to reserve days for the trip?

***The booking procedure is as follows:

1) Pick the dates you are interested in and check airfare availability.


2) Confirm with us the Dates you are considering are available


3) We will put a Temp Hold on those dates (so no one else books them)


4) Purchase you airfare within 48 hrs


5) Send us your booked airline itinerary, pay Security Deposit and we will make the reservation permanent.

15. **There is a Fully Refundable $300 Security Deposit charged prior to booking to insure no damage occurs to the unit. Funds are released within 3 business days of checkout as long as no damage has been reported.

16. **Information on meal plans, parking, on-site contact info, restaurants, resort access, nearby amenities and other items will be provided once Airfare is purchased and an itinerary has been sent to us. 



**For more info and any questions please reply to:                        

View Availability On Calendar Below:
         (Blank, Non-Holiday Days are available)

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