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Weekly Account Checklist

  • Arrive at venue at least 15 minutes before start time to get table set up

  • Sweep off table

  • Start 21 For Fun game

  • Be engaging, fun and enthusiastic. Run bonus rounds and make it fun!

  • Collect high roller information

  • Take a photo of the high roller (ex: with the sign or chips)

  • Return table to storage location at venue

  • Enter the information into the form below before going home (Either at table or in car before leaving) **Have a charger for your phone to enter event info in case battery dies**


  • Zelle the ring amounts to Tony on Monday or after your last shift of the week:


  • You will receive your shift pay through Zelle shortly


Venue Notes:



  • Table stored outside under pavilion 

  • During nice weather set the table on the upper deck otherwise inside in back room that lead to the outdoor deck

  • Please give $50 to the manager Chris.



  • Table stored in small building in back left corner

  • Set table up under the cabana 



  • Park in the Tutor Time lot and walk thru the bushes to gossip

  • Bar backs will set up table for you

  • Please give the bar back $10 as a thank you from the ring at the end of the night



  • Table stored in front closet 

  • Set up in front of DJ booth

  • No charge for chips at this location

  • Please collect $150 from the manager before leaving venue



  • Table stored in front closet 

  • Set up in front next to hostess stand

  • No charge for chips at this location

  • No fee to be collected at venue

  • Tips are Super High… no nightly salary at this account



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